Feel free to play with it and/or share with someone whose child might enjoy the activities.  

You can click on:

-ABC to hear a great song focusing on the phonemic sounds of the alphabet.  For reading and speech readiness, focusing on letter sounds is superior to learning letter names in the typical ABC song.  

-123 to hear another great song for learning numbers, how many body parts we have, and following directions.  

-The animals for sorting farm animals in a fun game.  

-The shape sorter so you can play a game where you match shapes with an everyday object.

-The bookshelf to hear the book Click Clack Moo.  

-The spinner to play a game that reinforces description words/ adjectives

-The musical instruments to learn a finger play song.

Source: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bipriqzGslVEuy9VonUCvf2QCxRSRk4bH3C3ar4LgkA/preview?slide=id.g90cb83ac2d_4_0