I love Disney vacations. So, this past May, I got to finally return to that magical place after Covid kept my clan away for so long. Unfortunately, one of my twins had a medical condition that made it difficult for us to return to Disney. I contacted Disney and I was able to not only have an amazing trip but also get lots of useful Information to help other families who have trouble accessing what makes Disney so magical.

So here goes….As early as thirty days before your trip and no later than 2 days before your trip, you can register with this phone number (407) 560-2547 or the web address listed below. Make sure to scroll down the webpage to locate the button labeled “Request Live Video Chat”. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/disability-access-service/register/#important-things-to-note
I called on Memorial Day and only had to wait 20 minutes to talk to a representative, but I have also heard of people waiting over 5 hours on the phone. Trust me though, it was worth it.

Before making that call or selecting the “Request Live Chat” button you’ll need to complete a few tasks .
Make sure you have not only bought your tickets but also have loaded them onto your Disney app before making that call. If this step sounds difficult, check out this webpage for help. https://plandisney.disney.go.com/question/link-ticket-disney-experience-app-483224/
It is also important to know that you can only have 6 people in your party, when using the DAS, and make sure those six people are all registered together as a group on the Disney app.

Don’t forget to research what two rides you’d like to choose for the 2 one-hour return windows you are given by the DAS for each day you are at the Disney parks . A return window gives you an hour slot to go on a ride, kind of like Disney’s old fast pass and similar to their current Lightning lanes.

Just a heads up, you don’t have to tell the first representative your confidential medical information. During the live chat you will be asked for this medical information and how the disorder will Impede your ability to stand on lines. No documentation is required except for your truth. Make sure the person with the disability is on the video chat with you. As a matter of fact, the person whose medical issue requires the disability Access Pass must be with you every time you use the DAS pass. I thought I had that covered but it was a little more complicated than I thought.

Disney now uses the Apple Wallet on your phone to store your Disney tickets, which you will need each time you use the Disability Access Pass. We we’re lucky to have an amazing Disney Cast Member teach us how to do this but here’s a link outlining how to do this in advance. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212870 Each time our family entered the lightning lane, I had to be reminded, by a Disney Cast member, to scan my child with the disability’s pass first. In actuality, I had turned the passes to the right one each time but the wallet app always goes back to the first entered pass even if you choose the correct pass for the person with the medical issue / disability. So, when you enter your Disney tickets into the Apple Wallet, make sure the person with the disability or medical issue’s pass is inputted first. Even better don’t forget your Disney magic bands like I did, because it makes this process a lot easier. The person with the disability just scans their magic band first.

Just a side note, you can also register for a Disability Access Pass at the park’s Main Entrance guest relations office but who really wants to put off their first glance of the Castle on Main Street. You can also use a less technology dependent DAS pass that guest relations should be able to explain to you.

Once you are registered either in person or over the “LIVE CHAT” option. That’s all you have to do.

So, now your wondering how does this pass work. It’s actually really great and really easy. At the start of each day, you already have the two one hour return windows you scheduled via phone or at guest relations. You can only use these return windows during that hour slot. You can’t show up early or late. You get an additional benefit which involves one lightening lane pass at a time. When you are in the park and have scanned that day’s tickets, you will see a new folder on the Disney Apps main screen by scrolling all the way to the bottom, it’s called the DAS experience. Just click on it and viola, you will see a list of available DAS rides /attractions in the park you are in, along with the times you’ll be able to enter the lightning lanes if you choose that ride / attraction . Choose your favorite ride/attraction and wait for time to pass by as you soak in all the other things to do without lines in Disney.

Let’s say you chose to ride the Seven Dwarves mine train using the DAS, you now wait until the time posted for that ride, go to the Lightning Lane for that ride and show the Disney cast member all the people in your parties’ tickets via the Apple Wallet or your Magic Bands (which you’ve already linked to your Disney Experience App.”). A client of mine just loaded each person’s ticket on their respective phones but that wasn’t an option for my 11 year old twins, maybe that method will work for your family though. Now, that you’ve scanned your passes at the Lightening Lane’s entrance, you may have to additionally scan the passes at some checkpoints on the line. It’s exactly the same thing you did at the entrance and your family will now quickly get to experience the Disney excitement on the ride / attraction you’ve chosen. It was amazing how fast you get on the ride after waiting for your lightning lane arrival time.

Just a little trick I figured out after a few times going through the steps above….once you have gone through all the check points, try to book your next DAS experience. By doing this, your next arrival window is sooner. Remember, you can’t get a new DAS pass until you use or cancel your currently scheduled ride / experience. So the sooner you rebook the better.

Now let’s say you booked the wrong ride or attraction on the Disney experience App., don’t worry you can always cancel the wrong choice by clicking on it and finding the cancel button. But don’t forget to quickly replace it with the proper ride or attraction, so you can experience your next DAS lightening pass sooner rather than later.

This DAS pass was invaluable for my family and allowed all the water and bathroom breaks we needed to keep our child safe minus one close call.

Don’t ever forget that Disney is one of the most customer friendly places in the world, so always ask guest relations or a cast member for help. They are usually more than happy to help.